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Hello, friends! Welcome to our website Education Info BD. We are glad and happy that you have visited our website. It is an education review website for educational related information. Here, you can get all the information about universities and colleges. And, we also give the tips for getting your results from here. Now, our aim is to make this website a top education review website. In this website, we discuss all the latest info about every university and college of Bangladesh. And, our data is reliable and true. So, don't go anywhere else. Just visit our website.

Now! You must know our privacy policy for your better experience on our site. This site's privacy policy has created for our visitor’s comfort so that we can give them a great service. That’s why we request all our visitors please read our privacy policy very carefully. It will give a clear understanding of our terms and conditions that we had created for collecting information from our website.

What personal information do we collect from the visitors who visit our website?

Here, we collect some personal information of our respected visitors. It is our policy and we do this to give them our best service. Our visitors are an asset to us. So, we want their satisfaction. That's why we collect their personal information. Our visitors need to submit their details. This way we can help them with their experience to join our website as a registered member or content creator.

When do we Collect information of our visitors?

It is very important to collect information about our visitors. This is our policy. But, we do not collect information of all users. We only collect information of those people who register on our site. When visitors register on our site, then we collect details about them. We do this to give our visitors a comfortable and satisfied service.

How do we use your information?

As you know we collect your information to give you good service. We collect all your information at the time you sign up or register for a newsletter for our website. We do it to provide you a better experience of our website. And, those are administering a contest, survey, promotion, new products and service and other feature of our website.

Do we use 'cookies' for tracking?

We track our visitors and collect their information so that they can easily get service from us. In the tracking purpose, we do not use cookies. We take information at the time someone signs up on our site. But, you can learn more about cookies from your browser help menu.

Third party links

In our website, we only discuss the education reviews like news about universities and colleges. Besides, we provide details of public, private, medical, law and polytechnic universities and colleges. We do not offer or provide third party links or information or services on our website.

Contacting Us

If you fell any problem or questions or face any problem about our website or this privacy policy, then please contact us. You can inform us by leaving a comment on our site