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Bangladesh Exam: HSC Result Marksheet 2018 Published

Bangladesh education board announce the HSC Exam Result. Are you looking for the HSC result 2018 with marksheet? Hurry up to get your result till now. You can check your HSC exam result marksheet 2018 from  Education Info BD.
HSC Result 2018 Marksheet

HSC Result 2018 published date

The ministry of Bangladesh education board announces the HSC result published date. The HSC exam result published at 12 PM on 19th July 2018. Bangladeshi education system’s most important part is HSC result. Most highlights Result is SSC Result and HSC result. Lots of students don’t know exactly the published date. Also, they want to get it and that’s why we provide HSC original published date. 

HSC Result Marksheet 2018

You can easily get HSC Result Marksheet 2018. Marksheet is most important thigs for HSC Candidates. For university admission, it must be needed. So we share for you also HSC result Marksheet. You can get easily HSC Result Marksheet 2018.

HSC result 2018 Dhaka board

In this year the student gets 80% above success from HSC result 2018 Dhaka board. Also, Rajshahi Board got the best success of HSC result. Bangladesh has specific 10 Board. But General education boards are 8 with Madrasah board and Technical Board. All of the result published on the same date same time. So total HSC candidates are waiting for their HSC result right now.

Final Words! HSC Result creates a base for Student. And that’s why its most trending and most popular result in our Bangladesh. In that case, we try to provide you best support for HSC result. Thank you.

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Tangail School And College (TSC) Academic Information

Welcome to my page. School is a first step for a child's life. Every child starts their education life with school.  Anyone wants to admit their child in a best school. And it is their right to know details about one best school. Tangail School And College(also referred TSC) is one of the best School And College in Tangail.  There are several part of TSC, in Tangail. Here i am going to discuss some important  information  about East Adalot para TSC institute. It stands beside East Adalot Para, Fire Service Road ,Tangail.  It faces the East. The institute was set up by the benevolent person(MP) of Tangail Area in 1992. The natural environment of this Institute is very charming and attractive.

Tangail School And College Admission process:

There are some rules for admission. now i discuss about this rules.:science there have two parts 1) School 2)college. So one,s can start their education life from there.  And another can get admonition after passing SSC. Who wants to admit after SSC , there will need some requirement. Minimum requirement for admission is GPA:4.75. For class one they should attend a admission examination. Who will passed this , can admit here. One important part of this institute is that, one student can study here continuously 12 years.  So, he/she can get benefit with this. There is no extra tension for admit another college. Students can increase their knowledge by admitting here. Because here study process is different from another.
tangail school and college TSC

Tangail School And College teachers And Academic Information:

Here i discuss about its teachers and Academic  information.  Now i will start. There are about 30  teachers and 300 students in this institute. Each class is divided into two sections. . The Institute is a brick-built house.There are sufficient rooms to accommodate students from class 1 to 12.There are separate rooms for the principle, the others teachers, the office. There are also separate rooms for library and science laboratory. There are morning- shift and noon –shift for the need of students. The class(1-5) finish their class in morning shift . and the others finish their class noon-shift. There is a large open space in front of the school building. There are some mango trees  and flower garden in the compound which is completely walled-off. There have a large playground just behind the building. The college department teachers teaches their students with out knowledge.

Tangail School And college Facility:
It is important to know about its facility. From read below lines, one can know the importance of this institute.The students can take part in co-curricular activities. the activities like debate, drama, science exhibition, music, recitation, etc. They can also play indoor and outdoor games. Once a year, they can take part in sports and outing. The result of the SSC is quite grateful. Some bright students take primary and junior scholarship examinations every year. Their result is also commendable. Otherwise the school foundation also give scholarship for bright students each every class. There also extra arrangement for Higher secondary students.

Tangail School And College Address:
After reading above parts, anyone wants to contact with this Institute? Then they need to know its address. Here i give its address:
  • Place: East Adalot Para, Road: Fire service Road, Dis: Tangail.
  • Mobile no:
  • Email: www.TSC.com.bd
If anyone wants to know more information about this institute. Then they will have to regular in this webpage.

Tangail Polytechnic Institute Information and Admission Process

Hello, friends! Welcome to Education Info BD. If you are looking for information about Tangail Polytechnic Institute, then read this article. Here, I am going to give you detail info about this institute. And, I am also going to tell you history, location, admission process, and contact info. So, read this article below for more info.

Tangail Polytechnic Institute History
Tangail Polytechnic Institute was established in 1991. And, it began its first year class of diploma in engineering with 40 students in Electrical technology. Since then its demand is expanding in the home and abroad. This institute is now popular among all the technical lover students in all districts. And, nowadays this institute offers courses in five technologies.
Tangail Polytechnic Institute

Location of Tangail Polytechnic Institute
Tangail Polytechnic Institute is located in the heart of tangail district Deola. In detail words, this institute is situated ½ kilometers far from the tangail new bus terminal. And, it is standing on the eastern side of Mymenshing road. It is standing beside two other govt. offices. One is Banbhaan and other is B.A.D.C. of tangail zone.

Departments of Tangail Polytechnic Institute

This institute is also referred as TPI. Now, we all know the demand of this institute. It gives education in most important fields of diploma engineering. But, do you know about its departments? No! Then read below.
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Computer
  • Mechanical
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
These are the departments of TPI. And, many students across the country come here to study diploma in engineering.

Directorates of Tangail Polytechnic Institute
This is a government institute. It operates under the executive control of education ministry. And, it acts through the Directorate of technical education. This institute is totally responsible for Bangladesh Technical Education Board for the entire managerial program. And, all the curriculums, seminars, and programs are maintained under the technical board.

Mission of Tangail Polytechnic Institute
The mission of this institute is to create engineering skills in our country. And, it is doing it very well. Since 1991, it is giving knowledge about science and technology. It has many records in not only education but also sports and other curriculums.

Admission process of Tangail Polytechnic Institute

The admission process of Tangail Polytechnic Institute is quite easy. Students first apply there for admission test. They only need GPA 3.50 in SSC exam. They don’t need to pass the HSC exam for admitting there. After passing the admission test, they can admit there.
Teacher list of Tangail Polytechnic Institute

01Abdur RahimInstructorElectronics Technology
02Engr. Md. Emdadul IslamInstructorElectrical Technology
03Engr. Shamsul AlamCheif InstructorComputer Technology
04Jannatul FerdousiJr. InstructorComputer Technology
05Lutfa KhanumJr. InstructorComputer Technology
06Md. Abul KasemCheif InstructorNon Tech Department
07Md. Saiful IslamJr. InstructorComputer Technology
08Mohammad AliCheif InstructorNon Tech Department
09Mohammad Hozrat AliInstructorComputer Technology
10S.M Abdullah Al ShoaebInstructorComputer Technology

Tangail Polytechnic Institute address and Contact info
Students can contact for admission or other information in the below address.
  • Address: B. A. U. Madrasah Deola, Tangail- 1900, Bangladesh.
  • Phone Number: +09 21-63237
  • Fax: 09 21-63237
  • Email: tangpoly1991@gmail.com
  • Website: www.tpi.gov.bd
Finally, I will say TPI is a great place for studying diploma engineering. And, visit our website for more info about Tangail Polytechnic Institute.

Sristy college of Tangail Academic Information

Sristy college of Tangail is famous and democratic college in Tangail city. Now I am write here all information about this college. I am also going to discuss this college academic information,  education system, Rules, admission process, teachers list, address and contact.

Academic information of sristy college of Tangail

I am going to write academic information about this college. Sristy college is remarkable for students. This college has 10000 students in one campus .The college is situated in Biswas Betka, Tangail. It is a private college. The college give more facility for students. Are you know the environment of Sristy college is very friendly. The college get a well credit for this caring. These college earn a celebrity for this supporting. Teachers and students relation are friendly. The college extend a large grade of courses. Which can help to improve the general knowledge . The college campus is very big. The college has a library. It has 50 educated teachers. There are three clubs for students. These give
  1. Science club
  2. Debate club
  3. Language club
Sristy  college arrange language competition for students. The college students attend in cricket competition. This college arrange in football competition. This college celebrate the pohela boisakh and enjoy with.
Sristy college of Tangail

Education system of sristy college

I will discuss education system of sristy college. The education system are different from others college. The goal of education is the advancement of this college. Here Boys and girls are take their class separately. Different groups are different teachers.  Teachers take their class with projector. The college has extra care for weak students. which can help to understand their class. This college teachers collect their class regularly. The college take tutorial exam in every month. Which can help to improve their skills. This college give the facility for poor students. Many rules are maintain this college students.

Rules for students of sristy college

There are many rules in this college. Which are maintain the college students. The rules are
  •  Students must have wear to their uniform
  • They will enter the college in just time
  • Mobile phone are not allow
  • They should have attentive to their class.
  • Students must have attend class test exam.
  • They must attend their tutorial exam.
Teachers list of sristy college:

I am going to write some educated  teachers  name in this college. This college teachers name are give 
  • Shibli Ferdus (principal).
  • Anamul Hauqe (English lecturer).
  • Alomgir Hossain (Physics lecturer).
  • Joynul Abedin sumon (Chemestry lecturer).
  • Md. Alim (Biology lecturer).
  • Raseduzzaman Rashed (English lecturer).
  • Abu syed (Mathmatics lecturer).
  • Md. Abutaleb (Physics lecturer).
  • Md. Masud (ICT lecturer).

Sristy college of Tangail Admission Process

I am going to tell  admission process this college. You will want to admit sristy college.  Apply for admission in this college. You will have needed some abilities. You will not change fathers name after admit. And you will not change  their name after admit. If any application for filled up not right. Then you will be denied after. You must have get GPA  3.50 in SSC exam. For admit science group. To get minimum GPA 3.00 for commerce group. To apply as one of the candidates. They must have fill in the admission form. And passport size photograph here with. If  You are successful this admission test. You will admit this college.

Sristy college of Tangail Contact Address

You will want to contuct this college. Here i  am going to tell you all address in this college. Which you can conduct this college easily.
  • Biswas Betka(Supari Bagan Road),
  • Tangail, Dhaka 1900
  • Telephone: 092162714
  • Mobile: 01926971104
  • Fax: 008-02-854521
  • Email: info@sristy.edu.bd
  • www.sristy.edu.bd

Finally, you want to know more information about  this college. Then you will continue our site.

Faujdarhat Cadet College, Sitakunda, Chittagong.

Welcome to Education Info BD.  Now we  are going to introduce you about  Faujdarhat Cadet College. It is situated in the port city Chittagong. This college achieved the top place in Chittagong Education Board. Even it is one of the top cadet college in Bangladesh. Highly regulation, educational qualifications and other facilities made this college top in Chittagong.

Short History:
Faujdarhat Cadet College is the first cadet college in East Pakistan. On that time current Bangladesh has no more cadet college without it. So, Fauzderhat Cadet College started a new sphere of  East Pakistan’s education system. It was easted on 28 april 1958. It is started as a military high school from its beginning. New Zealander William Maurice Brown is the founder of this college. He also the first Principal of this college too. Because of first cadet college, Faujdarhat Cadet College was familiar as a East Pakistan Cadet College till 1965. Its total area is 185acres.

How to go Faujdarhat Cadet College?

Faujdarhat Cadet College situated in Faujdarhat. This place is in Sitakundathana Upazilla and Sitakunda is under Chittagong District. For visiting this college u should go Chittagong first and then u need to go Sitakunda. After reaching Sitakunda your destination will be Faujdarhat and then u find Chittagong’s top college Faujdarhat Cadet College. Local travel’s vehicles are available here.

At a glance the Faujdarhat Cadet College:
  • Name: Faujdarhat Cadet College
  • Easted on: 28 april 1958
  • Founder: William Maurice Brown
  • EIIN Number   : 105116
  • Area: 185acres.
  • College type: Cadet College
  • Website Link:  www.cadetcollege.army.mil.bd
  • Location: Sitakunda, Chittagong
Academy and Administration:
Faujdarhat Cadet College is a boys Cadet College. Its education started from grade 7 to 12. The Principal of the school is ranked Lieutenant Colonel, and is appointed by the Adjutant General's branch of the Bangladesh Army. Faujdarhat Cadet College partially financed by Bangladesh Army.

Haji Abul Hossain Institute and Technology - HABHIT, Tangail

Welcome to Educaton Info BD. Haji Abul Hossain Institute and Technology is the most popular institute in Tangail. I try to reach all the information about this college. Now I discuss about it's academic information, admission process, teachers, hostel, and address. These are describe below.

Haji Abul Hossain Institute Academic Information

Haji Abul Hossain Institute & Technology is one of the largest Institute in Tangail District. It's education venue is different, This institute maintain under the national university. There are many institute of HABHIT in Bangladesh. Here i am going to tell about the academic information of HABHIT.
Haji Abul Hossain Institute and Technology

HABHIT is popular as the honours level institute in Tangail. Its main campus situated in mosjid road, Tangail. The course  complete after 4 years.  The institute gain a good credit for the fondling and encouraging environment. The administrates and staffs is very experienced. The institute has  a  wide range of courses . which can help to improve the general knowledge of the students. The  teaching staffs has amazing methods. Every year  50% students admit here by know the advertisement.

Haji Abul Hossain Institute Admission process:

The Admission process of this institute is very easy. If one students want to admit this college she/he should have some abilities. Now we will give you the information about the admission process . Students wants to get admit to this institute. The  students need to have some ability .Minimum ability for applications they must be need to get:GPA 3:00 in HSC examination. After some authentication  experienced students can get a chance to study here.

Education system of HABHIT:
This is  important part of this institute. Now i am going to tell about the education system of this institute. The goal of this college  is progression in education system. The teachers take their class with updating media. There have fixed teacher for each subject. Every department has  own GT teachers. They maintain this department .  The need of students principle arranged to take extra class by the guest teacher. There have laboratory and library for increasing the knowledge of students. The institute  fund manage scholarship for auspicious  students .  About  80% students can be able to receive the  scholarship. The poor students can study with free amount of session fee.

Teachers list of Haji Abul Hossain Institute and Technology:
Now i am going to give you the name of some teachers. Here you can know about teachers information of HABHIT :
  • Principle: MD. Aminul Islam

Teachers of  CSE department:
  1. MD. Rashedujjaman Sujon(Head of the department)
  2. MD. Khayrul Islam.
  3. Sudarson Paul.
  4. Ayesha khanom Akhi.
  5. Farjana haque Rumpa.
Teachers of BBA department:
  1. MD. Mijanul Islam (Head of the department).
  2. MD. Masudur Rahman.
  3. MD. Mijan Haque.
  4. Shahin Khan
  5. Dulan Paul
Haji Abul Hossain Institute and Technology Hostel:
From read below lines you can upgrade your knowledge about hastel facility of this college.  Every college /versity have their hostels in their hall.  There are many facilities in hostels. There have seperate hostels for girl,s & boy,s.Students attend their  class without facing any problem. The quality of food is healthy and jerms free. The of hostels take care of the students like home.

Contract Address of Haji Abul Hossain Institute and Technology:
Now I want to give you the full address of this institute. From this address you can easily reach in this college.
  • Moshjid road(Hossain complex).
  • Thana: Tangail.
  • Zilla: Tangail-1900.
  • Phone: 01733727277, 01826978787.
  • Email: info@habhit.edu.bd
  • Website: www.habhit.edu.bd
Thanks for visiting our website. You want to know more details about this college?  You will have to regular in our website.

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HSC Admission 2018 - www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

HSC Admission 2018 | www xiclassadmission gov bd result's The Official Site For Publish HSC Admission Circular 2018-19. Welcome to The Information About HSC Admission Circular 2018. HSC Admission Notice 2018 – 19. Higher Secondary Certificate (College) admission discover 2018 Will be Published After SSC Result 2018. You may check HSC Result 2018, which will be published end of July, 2018. Check Bangladesh HSC College Admission Notice Which Will publish by Education Board of Bangladesh.

HSC Admission 2018 | College Admission Circular

Now All Student are ready for HSC Admission Notice 2018. Don’t Worry you will have come to proper place about SSC Result and HSC Admission 2018. Students have to use on-line software by Teletalk cell. Ministry of training might be declared about HSC Admission Circular 2018. However, HSC Admission Result Publish Date and How to Get HSC Admission outcome Details We Update right here. Admission Form Fill Up Will Start From 13 May 2018.

According To Government Rule, Students Can Apply For HSC Admission 2018 in Two Way. One Way Online and Others means are SMS primarily based. Students Can Apply One (1) Time by Online Method & Students Will be capable of Apply many instances in SMS means.

HSC Admission 2018

HSC college admission 2018

HSC Admission Notice 2018 Will Publish 1st Week of May 2018. When The Authority Publish College Admission Circular 2018, We Will Update right here.

College Admission 2018 Information

HSC Admission Online Application Start: 13 May 2018 Last date of Application: 26 May 2018 At 3.00 PM Result Challenge Students software: 5 & 6 June 2018 HSC Admission Result 2018 Publish Date: 10 June 2018 On sixth May 2018, the Education Board Publish SSC and Equivalent Result. This 12 months Around 14 Lakhs 31 Thousand and 722 Students Passed in SSC Exam. Among Them 1 Lakh 4 Thousand 761 Students Got GPA 5.

Eligibility For Apply HSC Admission

Student Who Passed SSC Exam from any Education Board of the Passing 2016, 2017 and 2018 The Student Who Passed SSC from Bangladesh Open University of the Passing Year 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Student Can Apply for one among Science, Commerce, and Humanities who handed from Science Group. Students can Apply for one among Commerce and Humanities Group who Passed from Commerce Group. Students can Apply for one among Humanities and Commerce Group who Passed from Humanities.

All College HSC Admission Circular 2018

Interested Candidates can Apply by way of two means. The Admission Authority Will Take Application by Two Method similar to HSC Admission Application 2018 by SMS and HSC Admission Application 2018 by Online. One Students Can Apply by way of Both Methods or Can Apply solely by One Method.
We Will Describe All Method under later. Before That I Just present fundamental About HSC Admission Application. HSC admission Candidates can Apply for Maximum 10 College by Both Ways. For Apply HSC Admission by Online Candidates should pay only one time (BDT 150/-) and by paying One time, They can Apply most 10 College.

On The Others hand Students Can Apply For HSC Admission Application by SMS. by SMS Way Candidates can Apply Maximum 10 College, But for Apply Every College They should pay each time BDT 120 /-.

How to Fill Up College Admission Application 2018 by Online

Candidates have to use on-line by at www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd Official web site. Students can Choice Minimum 5 College and Maximum 10 College For HSC Admission 2018. if Any Students don’t change any Selected Colleges, they Can Get admission one other College if Sear are Available to Admission. So, under I Discuss About How to Fill Up HSC Admission Application 2018 by Online.

Note: Candidate should Pay First To Apply Online
To Confirm your Application, please pay 150 Taka by a Teletalk Mobile – go to message choice and kind : CAD SPACE WEB SPACE Board SPACE Roll SPACE Passing Year SPACE Reg. No and ship to 16222

2nd SMS
CAD SPACE Yes SPACE PIN SPACE Contact Mobile Number and Send 16222
After Complete Payment Go To Below Link and Complete Your HSC Online Admission Form Fill Up


All College EIIN Number Under All Board

College Admission Application by SMS: Now Students Can Apply Online and ship SMS By Teletalk each means. The on-line software price is 150 Taka For 5 College and 120 Taka For Single College.
Students have to use by teletalk Prepaid cell
Step One (1): Go to message choice and sort
  • CAD College EIIN First 2 Letter of Desired Group First Three letters of Your SSC Board SSC RollPassing Year Registration Number (Space) Name of Shift Version ship to 16222

For Quota:
  • CAD College EIIN First 2 Letter of Desired Group First Three letters of Your SSC Board SSC RollPassing Year Registration Number (Space) Name of ShitfVersion Quota ship to 16222

First 3 Letters of Board Name:

DHA=Dhaka Borad, COM=Comilla Board, RAJ= Rajshahi Board, JES= Jessore Board, CHI=Chittagong Board, BAR= Barisal Board, SYL= Sylhet Board, DIN= Dinajpur Board, MAD= Madrasah Board

Group Key Word are Below:
First Letter of Desired Group: SC for Science, BS for Business Studies and HU for Humanities, Home Economics-HE, Islamic Studies-IS
Shift Key Word
  • Morning-M, Day-D, Evening-E, If there aren't any shift kind N
  • Version Key Word:
  • Bangla-B, English-E

Quota Key Word:
  • Freedom Fighter Quota- FQ, Employee Child of Desired College or Education Ministry- EQ, Special Quota (Declared By Board) -SQ

After Successfully accomplished software, Applicant will get an return SMS with win quantity.
Step Two (2):
CAD YES PIN Number Contact Number and ship to 16222.
Return Confirmation SMS will get in your cell talked about candidate Name and Track Number
If you Found Any Wrong in Online Way Just See Below No For Help

Fresh Update: Around 13 Lakh Students Merit List Publish For HSC Admission Merit List. fifth June 2018 at 10.00 AM Result Publish For Students. Around 12 Lakh 848 Students Select in 1st Merit List. Students Who Did Not Apply in 1st Application Phase, They Have To Apply Again For Admission College From 09 to 10 June 2018. Students Who Select in 1st Merit listing, however Want To Change College, They have Apply Between 09 to 10 June 2018. Before, They Apply For Migration, Must should Pay Admission Confirmation Fee. See Below For More

HSC Admission Result 2018

This Year Total 13,01,099 Students Apply for HSC Admission. Among Them 9,37,947 Candidates Apply Via Online and 4,05,868 Students Apply by way of SMS. Total 44,92,140 Application Submit For HSC Admission. Among Them, 40,49,780 Application Submit Based Online and 4,42,360 Application Submit Based SMS System. 

Note That, 1,51,506 Students Didn’t Apply For HSC Admission. This Year Total 14,52,605 Students Passed SSC Exam and 13,01,099 Apply For HSC Admission. HSC College Admission Result Check by SSC Roll Number, Board Name and Passing Year – Check Result Here Time is coming to check HSC Admission Result 2018 of Academic session 2018-19 in first 12 months college admission. All Colleges Xi Class Admission Result 2016 are printed in Same Time and Same Day by the Online – www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd.

xiclassadmission gov bd Result

HSC Admission Application Result 2018. Bangladesh College Admission Test Result 2018. All Bangladeshi College Class xi Admission Result Will discovered Here. Students might be chosen as per results of SSC & Equivalent. You will discover right here Individual College Result.

Class xi (HSC) Admission Result 2018 Published Date 05 June, 2018 But Can The Authority Published Result in Time? Because, Previous Year, the training ministry did not publish the primary benefit listing for XI college admission 2017 twice as a consequence of technical faults. Three instances they'd given the schedule to printed College Admission Result 2018.

HSC XI Class Admission Result 2018-19

XI Class Admission Result 2018 goes to introduced and printed by Online for each schools throughout the nation. Only three or 4 college had been makes use of their very own means Admission take a look at system. Specially; Notre Dame College Dhaka and St. Joseph School & College are taken their HSC Admission Test 2018-19 Academic Session. Applicant Who obtained Chance in 1st & 2nd Merit List however didn't Admission, They Can Apply.

Applicant Who Not obtained Chance in any benefit listing
To Apply Release Slip Candidates should Select 5 College and submit Release Slip. Application Deadline 09-10 July, 2016

Available College List For HSC Admission Online All Board

EIIN Number of Best College in Dhaka: 
  • Viqarunnisa Noon School & College: EIIN Number – 108357 
  • Dhaka Residential Model College: EIIN Number – 108258 
  • Notre Dame College: EIIN Number – 108274 
  • Rajuk Uttara Model College: EIIN Number – 108573 
  • Dhaka City College: EIIN Number – 107975 
  • BAF Shaheen College, Tejgaon, Dhaka: EIIN Number – 107858 
  • Holycross College: EIIN Number – 130757 
  • Motijheel Ideal School And College: EIIN Number – 108277 
  • Dhaka College: EIIN Number – 107977 
  • Dhaka Commerce College: EIIN Number – 108207 
  • Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka: EIIN Number – 107855 
  • Birsrestha Noor Mohammad Public College: EIIN Number – 108161 
  • Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anawar Girls’ College: EIIN Number – 132143 
  • National Ideal College: EIIN Number – 132078 
  • Monipur School & College: EIIN Number – 108181 
  • Cambrian College: EIIN Number – 132140 
  • Shamsul Haque Khan School And College: EIIN Number – 114352