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Daffodil International University


Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University is the 3rd ranked private university among all the universities of Bangladesh. This university situated in the Dhanmondi district of Dhaka. Now, read the article below for more information about this university. Here, we have written all the details info.

Daffodil International University History, Location, and Academic Information

Daffodil International University is a co-educational private university in Bangladesh. This university established on 24th January 2002 under the private university act, 1992. The location of this university is in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now, DIU is the nickname of this university. This university is the top most popular university in Bangladesh. And, its rank is much high than other universities of Bangladesh. Now, the Chancellor of this university is the president Abdul Hamid. And, Dr. YousufMahbubul Islam is the present Vice-Chancellor of this university. Besides, Sabur Khan is the Chairman of Daffodil International University.
DIU is going ahead with the motto “A distinguished landmark in higher education”. And, it is providing a clean and unique education among Bangladesh. The DIU has total 471 academic staffs and 415 administrative staffs. The total number of students in DIU is 13,679. Among those total students, 12,521 are undergraduates and 1158 are postgraduates. Now, we are giving you the official website link of DIU which is

Faculties and Departments of DIU

The Daffodil International University provides education under 5 faculties. And, those 5 faculties contain 23 departments which are in the below.
1.      Faculty of Science & Information Technology.
·         Computer Science and EngineeringDepartment.
·         Environmental Science and Disaster ManagementDepartment.
·         Software EngineeringDepartment.
·         Multimedia and Creative TechnologyDepartment.
·         Natural SciencesDepartment.
2.      Faculty of Business & Economics.
·         Business AdministrationDepartment.
·         CommerceDepartment.
·         Real EstateDepartment.
·         Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDepartment.
·         Entrepreneurship DevelopmentDepartment.
3.      Faculty of Engineering.
·         Electronics and Telecommunication EngineeringDepartment.
·         Textile EngineeringDepartment.
·         Electrical and Electronic EngineeringDepartment.
·         ArchitectureDepartment.
·         Civil Engineering (Proposed)Department.
4.      Faculty of Applied Health Science.
·         PharmacyDepartment.
·         Nutrition and Food EngineeringDepartment.
·         Public HealthDepartment.
·         Life ScienceDepartment.
·         Genetic and BiotechnologyDepartment.
5.      Faculty of Humanities & Social Science.
·         EnglishDepartment.
·         LawDepartment.
·         Journalism & Mass CommunicationDepartment.

Tuition Fee Structure of DIU

Daffodil International University’s tuition fee structure is costly. But, if you compare it with the education system then it is totally worth it. Now, the CSE department’s total cost is 636125 Taka. The Software Engineering will cost 547500 Taka. And, Multimedia Technology and Creative Arts have total cost of 487000 Taka. The Environmental Science and Disaster Management and ETE have the cost of 267500 Taka and 531000 Taka.
Now, the TE, EEE, and B. Arch have the total cost of 595900 Taka, 582500 Taka, and 744000 Taka. Besides, the CE, BBA, BED, and BRE will cost the students total 463900 Taka, 542750 Taka, 732500 Taka, and 485900 Taka.

Ranking of DIU

The ranking of the Daffodil International University is very high among all the universities of Bangladesh. DIU has ranked 1st among all the private universities and has ranked 3rd among all universities of Bangladesh.

Conclusively, we can say this is one of the finest universities in Bangladesh. And, keep visiting for more info about Daffodil International University.
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