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BRAC University


BRAC University

BRAC University is the top-ranked private university of Bangladesh. It has great facilities and education structure. And, it also has the top qualified teachers for every department. Now, to know more about this university read the article below. Here, we have described all information of this university like location, history, and admission process. And, we have also discussed its cost structure.

BRAC University Location History and details

BRAC University is one of the finest and top-ranked private universities in Bangladesh. This university has ranked better t5han Dhaka University in 2016. And of course, it has well-defined education structure with the international syllabus for every subject of all departments. Now, this university was established in 2001 with the private university act 1992. This university has the clearance and has certified by the University Grand Commission of Bangladesh. The nickname of this university is BracU. The location of BRAC University is Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The present Chancellor of this university is Abdul Hamid the current president of Bangladesh. And, Syed Saad Andaleeb is the current Vice-Chancellor of BRAC University and he is a Ph.D. degree holder.
Now, do you have any idea about the number of students and staffs of this university? No! The total number of students of this university is 6523 among them 5305 students are undergraduate and 1208 students are postgraduate. And, this university has total 658 academic staffs. This university has many facilities like hi-tech lab, big library, and great hostel facility etc.  
Departments of BRAC University
BRAC University has the modern and top class departments. This university provides education in 6 departments with the international syllabus. It has courses for science, engineering, humanity, and business studies. Now, the departments of this university are as follows.
Tuition Fee Structure of BRAC University
BRAC University’s tuition fee structure is quite costly. This university follows the semester wise tuition fee-paying system. And, it also has credit system for tuition fee. The admission test fee for local students is 1500 taka and US$20 for international students. Now, the tuition fees per credit for undergraduate students are Tk. 6,500 for Studio Courses of B.Arch and Tk. 5,500 for all other courses. The undergraduate students per semester cost are Tk. 10,000 for Pharmacy and Tk. 7,000 for other programs.
Now, the admission fee for the postgraduate students is Tk. 25,000 in the BRAC University. The postgraduate students per credit fees are Tk. 6,500 for EMBA/MBM and Tk. 5,500 for other programs. And, the semester fee for those students is Tk. 7,000. For the foreign students, the admission fee is US$300 and tuition fee per credit is double of local students. Now, for the visiting students, the admission fee is Tk. 10,000 and Semester Fee is Tk. 5,000. 
Admission Requirements of BRAC University
BRAC University’s admission requirements are very as follows. The students who are seeking to admit there must have the minimum GPA 3.50 separately in SSC and HSC. The students of O-level must have minimum GPA 2.5 in five subjects and A-level in two subjects. The students who have finished school abroad have to submit their verified copies of previous academic documents from their institute. If a student can full-fill this requirement, then he/she can apply here.
Finally, we hope that this article has helped you a lot. And, visit our website for updated info about BRAC University.

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