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Viqarunnisa Noon school and college admission process and Info

Viqarunnisa Noon school and college are most democratic and high ranking schools for girls in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  There are about 2000 students in this school.  Now I am writing here  about its history, facilities, campuses,  admission process,  address and contact.

Viqarunnisa Noon school and college History
Viqarunnisa Noon school and college is the most democratic schools for girls. The school is situated in New Bailey Road, Dhaka. It is constituted in 1952 . Mr. Firoz Khan Noon  was the Governor of East Pakistan. And His wife was Begum Viqarunnisa Noon. The school was established by Begum Viqarunnisa Noon. Mr. Firoz Khan Noon this school was named his wife Begum Viqarunnisa Noon name. The school was constited  by responsibility. Then the school was named Viqarunnisa Noon school and college.

Viqarunisa Noon school and college Facilities

Viqarunnisa Noon school and collegeNow I will discuss about facilities of this school. This school has many facilities for students. The school primary  branch is very large. These branch look are charming. The school has 5 building. Vnscn provides extra  facilities  for students. This school  gives are many buses and vans for students. It has a large library for all students. From here the students take their important books. These school has 363 higher educated teacher for only school section.  This school weather is natural and well. Vnsc has two medium section. The school give acquirement to teaching skills .  The clubs that collect inter college competition. The school has five clubs for students. Which  the  students can idea in any subject. These school clubs are given.
  1. Science club
  2. Language club
  3. Debate club
  4. Environment club
  5. Love club
Students attend in art competition. Vnsc celebrate the victory day and International mothers language day. These school arrange cricket and football competition. Every teachers and students  can enjoy this completion. And win the prize all competition. Every year the school observe the pohela boisakh. Students participate in a display competition on the victory day. The school students are attend in badminton and handwriting program.

Campuses of viqarunnisa Noon school and college

I am writing here about Viqarunnisa Noon school and college campuses.  This school has four campuses for all section students. New  Bailey road is  main campus of this school.  Otherwise this college has also three campuses.  Every campuses environment and rules are very well. All campuses are situated in Dhaka city. The campuses are.
  • New Bailey road campus
  • . Dhanmondi campus
  • Azimpur campus
  • Bashundhora campuses
Teachers list of viqarunnisa school and college

Now I am writing you some senior educated  teachers name of viqarunnisa Noon school and college. Whoom this school take are going to  progress way.
  • MST Sufia Khatun (Principal )
  • Bushra Hasina Chowdhury ( Associated profrssor, Department of International Relation)
  • Baririester Iffat Gias Arefin (Founding Moderator in chief-LCLS)
  • Fatima Zohra Haque(senior lecturer of English department)
Admission process of Viqarunnisa Noon school and college

Here i have written your admission process about this school.  If any students want to admission this school? Then you have must get GPA-5.00 in JSC exam. For admission in science group. And to get minimum GPA 4.50 for commerce group.  Otherwise if any candidate want to online admission form. Then you must have to know some important information.  Apply for this school, you will have done the admission form fill up in good time. Passport size photo will upload with online admittance form. If any application for form fill up are not right. Then you will can not attend in admission exam. Which students can apply for one shift. Any students can not change their name and their address after admission this school

Address and contact of viqarunnisa Noon school and college
Here I will try to write all address information about Viqarunnisa Noon School and college. You will want to know more information about this school. Then you will contact this website. These are given below.
  • 1/A New Bailey Road,
  • Dhaka-1000
  • Phone:8350500,9348266
  • E-mail:
  • Helpline:0186678583, 01866785184, 017268420, 01867268422
  • Website:
Finally, If you like our site and you get more information about viqarunnisa Noon school and college. Then you must continue our website.
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