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Tangail School And College (TSC) Academic Information

Welcome to my page. School is a first step for a child's life. Every child starts their education life with school.  Anyone wants to admit their child in a best school. And it is their right to know details about one best school. Tangail School And College(also referred TSC) is one of the best School And College in Tangail.  There are several part of TSC, in Tangail. Here i am going to discuss some important  information  about East Adalot para TSC institute. It stands beside East Adalot Para, Fire Service Road ,Tangail.  It faces the East. The institute was set up by the benevolent person(MP) of Tangail Area in 1992. The natural environment of this Institute is very charming and attractive.

Tangail School And College Admission process:

There are some rules for admission. now i discuss about this rules.:science there have two parts 1) School 2)college. So one,s can start their education life from there.  And another can get admonition after passing SSC. Who wants to admit after SSC , there will need some requirement. Minimum requirement for admission is GPA:4.75. For class one they should attend a admission examination. Who will passed this , can admit here. One important part of this institute is that, one student can study here continuously 12 years.  So, he/she can get benefit with this. There is no extra tension for admit another college. Students can increase their knowledge by admitting here. Because here study process is different from another.
tangail school and college TSC

Tangail School And College teachers And Academic Information:

Here i discuss about its teachers and Academic  information.  Now i will start. There are about 30  teachers and 300 students in this institute. Each class is divided into two sections. . The Institute is a brick-built house.There are sufficient rooms to accommodate students from class 1 to 12.There are separate rooms for the principle, the others teachers, the office. There are also separate rooms for library and science laboratory. There are morning- shift and noon –shift for the need of students. The class(1-5) finish their class in morning shift . and the others finish their class noon-shift. There is a large open space in front of the school building. There are some mango trees  and flower garden in the compound which is completely walled-off. There have a large playground just behind the building. The college department teachers teaches their students with out knowledge.

Tangail School And college Facility:
It is important to know about its facility. From read below lines, one can know the importance of this institute.The students can take part in co-curricular activities. the activities like debate, drama, science exhibition, music, recitation, etc. They can also play indoor and outdoor games. Once a year, they can take part in sports and outing. The result of the SSC is quite grateful. Some bright students take primary and junior scholarship examinations every year. Their result is also commendable. Otherwise the school foundation also give scholarship for bright students each every class. There also extra arrangement for Higher secondary students.

Tangail School And College Address:
After reading above parts, anyone wants to contact with this Institute? Then they need to know its address. Here i give its address:
  • Place: East Adalot Para, Road: Fire service Road, Dis: Tangail.
  • Mobile no:
  • Email:
If anyone wants to know more information about this institute. Then they will have to regular in this webpage.
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