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Sristy college of Tangail Academic Information

Sristy college of Tangail is famous and democratic college in Tangail city. Now I am write here all information about this college. I am also going to discuss this college academic information,  education system, Rules, admission process, teachers list, address and contact.

Academic information of sristy college of Tangail

I am going to write academic information about this college. Sristy college is remarkable for students. This college has 10000 students in one campus .The college is situated in Biswas Betka, Tangail. It is a private college. The college give more facility for students. Are you know the environment of Sristy college is very friendly. The college get a well credit for this caring. These college earn a celebrity for this supporting. Teachers and students relation are friendly. The college extend a large grade of courses. Which can help to improve the general knowledge . The college campus is very big. The college has a library. It has 50 educated teachers. There are three clubs for students. These give
  1. Science club
  2. Debate club
  3. Language club
Sristy  college arrange language competition for students. The college students attend in cricket competition. This college arrange in football competition. This college celebrate the pohela boisakh and enjoy with.
Sristy college of Tangail

Education system of sristy college

I will discuss education system of sristy college. The education system are different from others college. The goal of education is the advancement of this college. Here Boys and girls are take their class separately. Different groups are different teachers.  Teachers take their class with projector. The college has extra care for weak students. which can help to understand their class. This college teachers collect their class regularly. The college take tutorial exam in every month. Which can help to improve their skills. This college give the facility for poor students. Many rules are maintain this college students.

Rules for students of sristy college

There are many rules in this college. Which are maintain the college students. The rules are
  •  Students must have wear to their uniform
  • They will enter the college in just time
  • Mobile phone are not allow
  • They should have attentive to their class.
  • Students must have attend class test exam.
  • They must attend their tutorial exam.
Teachers list of sristy college:

I am going to write some educated  teachers  name in this college. This college teachers name are give 
  • Shibli Ferdus (principal).
  • Anamul Hauqe (English lecturer).
  • Alomgir Hossain (Physics lecturer).
  • Joynul Abedin sumon (Chemestry lecturer).
  • Md. Alim (Biology lecturer).
  • Raseduzzaman Rashed (English lecturer).
  • Abu syed (Mathmatics lecturer).
  • Md. Abutaleb (Physics lecturer).
  • Md. Masud (ICT lecturer).

Sristy college of Tangail Admission Process

I am going to tell  admission process this college. You will want to admit sristy college.  Apply for admission in this college. You will have needed some abilities. You will not change fathers name after admit. And you will not change  their name after admit. If any application for filled up not right. Then you will be denied after. You must have get GPA  3.50 in SSC exam. For admit science group. To get minimum GPA 3.00 for commerce group. To apply as one of the candidates. They must have fill in the admission form. And passport size photograph here with. If  You are successful this admission test. You will admit this college.

Sristy college of Tangail Contact Address

You will want to contuct this college. Here i  am going to tell you all address in this college. Which you can conduct this college easily.
  • Biswas Betka(Supari Bagan Road),
  • Tangail, Dhaka 1900
  • Telephone: 092162714
  • Mobile: 01926971104
  • Fax: 008-02-854521
  • Email:

Finally, you want to know more information about  this college. Then you will continue our site.
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