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Dhaka University Admission Notice 2016-17 Admission from

Dhaka University Admission Notice 2016-17 admissions system are publishing for all academic session. For admission this university, you will do the form fill up online. The university online admission process 2016-17 has been declared from 22 August 2016. And this University admission process date 2016-17 will have been expired by 7 September 2016. They cannot admission this university first time, they can take readmission in Dhaka University.  If you want to admission this university. Then you will want to know some information about admission process. Here you will want to know about Dhaka University admission schedule, Dhaka University Admission 2016-17 .

Dhaka University Admission Schedule 2016-17

Admission Notice
Dhaka University Admission schedule 2016-17 admission process has been published for all units.  If you cannot to know about  university admission schedule 2016-17 properly.  Then you cannot attend this university admission exam. So you must have to know about Dhaka university Admission Schedule 2016-17. Here you will get all units admission schedule 2016-17. The University Ka units admission exam  date  2016-17 from 21 October 2016. This units exam time at  1o:00 AM to 11:00 AM and exam day Friday. This University kha units exam date 23 September 2016 and exam time at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. This University  kha units exam day is Friday. The University Ga units admission exam date are 30 September 2016. The Ga  units exam day Friday and exam time at 10:00 Am to 11:00 AM. Dhaka University Gha units admission exam date 2016-17 from 28 October 2016 and exam time at 10:00 to 1100 AM. The University Gha units admission exam day Friday. Dhaka University Cha units admittance exam date 2016-17 from 24 September. This university Cha units  admittance exam time at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Dhaka university  Cha units admittance exam day is Saturday

Dhaka University Admission 2016-17 minimum needed GPA for all units

For Admission Dhaka university , you must have need minimum GPA for all units. Here you will want admission information of all units. The university Ka units admission , you must have get GPA 8.00 in SSC and HSC exam. If any candidate under  GPA 8.00. Then you cannot admission this university Ka units. If which candidate admission Dhaka University Kha units . Then candidate will get total GPA 7.00 in SSC and HSC exam. Any candidate can not apply this University without GPA 7.00 for Kha units. Dhaka University Ga units admission, you must have need total GPA 7.50 in SSC and HSC exam. You will not get GPA 7.50 SSC and HSC exam, you can not apply the University Ga units. Which candidate admission Dhaka University Gha units , candidate get  total GPA own unit GPA in SSC and HSC exam. Any candidate Admission Dhaka University Cha units, you will get GPA 6.50 in SSC and HSC exam. Which candidate can not get admission Dhaka University Cha units without GPA 6.50. You want to get more information about Dhaka University Admission Notice 2016-17.You will see this Dhaka University  official website . Dhaka university Admission Notice 2016-17 – and
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