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Bindubashini Govt. Girls School, Tangail

Bindubashini Govt. Girls School is one of the high ranking school in Tangail. High school is a secondary education after primary for every students. Parents must be worried for their children, that how can a students can make a good result in SSC. Bindubashini is one of the most popular Education institute for making good result. Here i will discuss abo ut its important information. So that, one can know about its. There are separate important information in this school. I will try to describe them separately.

Bindubashini Govt Girls School History:

There was a History behind established the school. Now i discuss about it. Bindubashini Government girls school was established only for girls student. It was founded by the name of Bindubashini Chowdhury. She was the mother of Promoth Nath Chowdhury and Monnoth Nath Chowdhury. They were very respected person in Tangail. Her mother wanted to give right of proper education for girls. So her sons was decided to foud girls school in Tangail area. The school was established at. It stands at Akur Takur para. The natural beauty of this school is very beautiful. Students wants to admit here for its popularity.
Bindubashini Govt Girls School

Bindubashini Govt Girls School Admission Process:

Every high school have their own admission process. This School has also some rules. Here i discuss about its admission process. If anyone wants to admit in class( 1-2) then must attend the lottery draw. The lottery chose the students name . Which students is select , she can get the lucky chance for study. But (3-5) class admit students with another process. For those class school foundation arrange admission exam. After passing this exam one cam get admission in this school. Science there are three departments for( 9-10):
  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts
Every departments admission process is same. But there are some different in students knowledge.

Bindubashini Govt Girls School Facility:
There are many facilities in this school. From read below lines one can know how important task done in this school. The school building is made by concrete. There is a big field in the front of building. students can passes their free time in a living room. There is also a common room for girls. It is a part and parcel of the school. Students come here, take rest and make friendship. It keeps the school always fresh, live and cheerful. Almost all the dailies, weeklies and magazines are available here. So it can called a nice and useful place indeed. The students of this school are very smart and conscious. They attend some co-curricular activities every year. From participate there they can get scholarship. The teachers and students have another quality. This is magazine writing. Almost this school publishes a magazine every year. It gives a view of the life of the school. Its reveals the creative genius of the students. It is the mirror of this school. The poor students can study here without any problems.

Bindubashini Govt Girls School Library And science laboratory:
There are another important part in this school. The library and science laboratory. Here i give details information about these. No school is complete without a library. The library of this school is very big. it is housed in a separate room. The library has a great collections. There are many almirahs. The books are arranged on different shelves according to subject. The living room and the office room for the librarian are separate. There is a librarian, who is very nicely behave with the students. There is a reading room also. The students can read books by sitting here. The science laboratory is also well furnished. The students of science department regular practice here.

Bindubashini Govt Girls School Address:
Now i am giving you the contact of this school. By knowing this one can easily contact with the school foundation.
  • Place: Akur takur para
  • Road: Kalibari road
  • Mobile no:
  • Email:
  • Online website: :
If you want to know more details about this school. Then you have to regular in our website.
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